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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
5:51 pm
Top Five Kitchen Purchases for Dieting
Now, this is open to debate or discussion. This is just my opinion and everyone has their own - and I want to hear about it! I'm excluding smaller items for a separate post, but none of these items has to cost over $25.

1. Food Scale - Measuring cups offer a lot of precision, but when it comes to some types of items (frozen foods and meat in particular) nothing beats out a good, precise food scale.

2. Blender or food processor - too many uses to mention them all, but supplements tend to go down easier if they are blended with real food. Pureed fruits or veggies can be substituted for some fats in baking and cooking. You simply can't get things blended smoothly without one of these two things.

3. Rice Cooker - yes, it only does one thing but it does it so well. Cooking rice on an electric stove requires so much fussing and it's never quite done. If you don't like to spend a lot of time cooking, or just fancy really well made rice, it's worth $15 for an appliance you can use weekly or even daily for years.

4. Teflon - a whole set is expensive, but you can get by with one nicely constructed skillet for almost everything you want to do on the stove. Teflon coated tools are cheap and clean up easier too!

5. Steamer basket - for microwave or one that fits in your favorite pot, because at some point you will probably start eating fresh, seasonal produce. Why? It just tastes that much better and it tends to be cheaper too. Fresh, lightly steamed veggies are the most nutritious way to eat these items if you can't stomach pounds of raw broccoli.
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
2:40 pm
Top Five Tricks for Drinking Protein Shakes
I'm sharing these tips because adding a post-workout whey protein shake to my day has completely changed my recovery time, stamina and hunger levels. I've tried many times throughout the past 8 years to supplement with protein and failed due to the taste/texture.

How to enjoy a protein shake.Collapse )

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
8:11 pm
Top Five Diet Sodas
1. Canfield's Swiss Creme Soda - just like a regular creme soda as long as you haven't had sugar in the same sitting. I notice that even the best artificial sweetener won't fool your palette if you've had sugar recently though. My husband was actually upset to find out that this was diet, as he has some moral objection to diet soda. The fudge is okay, and the cherry fudge is ... not very good. Sweetened with Aspartame.

2. Jones Diet Root Beer - In the bottle and a little pricey, but glass does keep it much fresher than canned soda. Very similar to their regular root beer. The black cherry is okay, the creme soda is AWFUL and I haven't tried the rest of the line. Sweetened with Sucralose.

3. Pepsi One - I don't like Pepsi, but Pepsi One taste like everything I like about regular Coke. The closest to real cola of all the diet sodas I've tasted, this is good for regular soda drinkers switching to diet. Sweetened with Sucralose.

4. Diet Mountain Dew - Probably because it is so strongly flavored, it tastes pretty good in the more mild diet flavor. Sweetened with Aspartame.

5. Diet Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale - very tasty. Not too sweet or too strong, nice balance of fruit and ginger ale flavors. Sweetened with Aspartame and caffeine free.
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
1:46 am
Top Five Nutrition Bars:

This is a list of my favorite nutrition bars. They are too low in calories to be considered "meal replacement" and I wouldn't recommend them for that purpose. I use them for snacks before a delayed meal or while working out.

1. Larabar Cherry Pie - At 190 calories, 9g fat and 4g fiber, this bar is 4 Weight Watchers points and relatively "expensive" for a low calorie diet. However, the combination of cherries and almonds is very rich and this whole, uncooked foods bar is a departure from soy nugget or nutrient paste bars that you are used to. The pH of the raw almonds calms an upset stomach and it really does taste like a cherry pie. I will grab one before a long walk and have a bite every mile or so to keep my energy up. With only 5 grams of protein, it does not have the staying power of other bars. It's still my favorite.

2. Luna Bars Chocolate Pecan Pie - 180 calories, 5g fat and 3g fiber, this bar is also 4 points. With 10 grams of protein it has more staying power. The real pecan bits and the chocolate-cinnamon coating are really tasty although I wish it was a little less salty. The salt is quite effective when combined with a long workout, but the chocolate coating will melt too easily to make this good for race day. I tend to have this bar before going out to eat in a restaurant to avoid ordering appetizers. Not as close to its namesake as "Cherry Pie" but not bad either.

3. Luna Bars Toasted Nuts 'n Cranberry - 170 calories, 4g fat and 3g fiber, 3 WW points. This bar does not have the coating that most Luna Bars have and as a result it is much better for long workouts where your body heat would melt the coating. The sunflower seeds and cranberry give it a trail mix feel.

4. Kashi GoLean Crunchy! Chocolate Caramel Karma - 150 calories, 3g fat, 6g fiber, 8g protein and 2 WW points. This isn't the tastiest bar you'll ever eat, but for 150 calories it delivers a lot of nutrition. This bar is perfect for controlling blood sugar because it is very high in fiber and protein for such a low calorie treat. This and an apple and a bottle of water can keep me going for several hours. Note - STILL NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT. This is for times when you can't get something healthy right now but don't want to eat junk.

5. Healthy Valley Low Fat Red Cherry Tart - 130 calories, 2g fat, 1g fiber, 2g protein, 3 WW Points. This bar is clearly a nutritional light weight and more of a "snack" bar than nutrition bar. On the other hand, it is half the cost of the other bars and comes in a box of 6. The taste and texture is similar to a whole grain version of low fat Fig newtons, but with cherry filling. I have been looking for low fat cherry Newtons, but this bar has one more advantage over low fat cookies - no trans fat.

Edit After trying Trader Joe's "So this strawberry walks into a bar..." and new whole wheat Fig Newton bars, both are superior in taste to the Healthy Valley bar, but they have more sugar and trans fat. The calories are identical, however.
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
8:36 am
Expanded Community Rules:

Flaming, eating disorders, respect for diversity and moderator control are covered in the community info.

There are a few little things left to cover, however. First, all posts must be in support of fitness. They do not have to be themed, clever or lengthy. If you want to post something like "Top Five Things I Need to Stay Fit" your list could look like this:

1. Peaches
2. running shoes
3. Nascar calendar – I love to look at super fast cars while I run on my treadmill!
4. treadmill
5. My dog Sparky (picture here)

Now, I wouldn't expect a lot of comments on a post like this but this community is not about judging the quality of your posts. What motivates you is for you to decide. Additionally, you may include or prohibit things in your fitness regime that are not part of other plans. That's fine. This moderator uses Weight Watchers and regularly consumes small amounts of high quality chocolate because that satisfies her need for chocolate at a caloric discount. That won't work if you're on Atkins.

This is not to say that respectful discussion or even disagreement is not welcome. If you're sharing here, we will presume you want feedback. Sharing and flaming are clearly different.

Remember, this is the internet. You don't get a cyber-cookie for winning an argument.

It should go without saying but this community is not age restricted so please, keep your language and pictures clean. Maybe Jenna Jameson totally motivates you to pump iron. There are work safe images of her.

Please put long lists and large images under an lj cut. If you don't know how to make one, look here.
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