M. C. Miller (mcmiller) wrote in ft5,
M. C. Miller

Top Five Diet Sodas

1. Canfield's Swiss Creme Soda - just like a regular creme soda as long as you haven't had sugar in the same sitting. I notice that even the best artificial sweetener won't fool your palette if you've had sugar recently though. My husband was actually upset to find out that this was diet, as he has some moral objection to diet soda. The fudge is okay, and the cherry fudge is ... not very good. Sweetened with Aspartame.

2. Jones Diet Root Beer - In the bottle and a little pricey, but glass does keep it much fresher than canned soda. Very similar to their regular root beer. The black cherry is okay, the creme soda is AWFUL and I haven't tried the rest of the line. Sweetened with Sucralose.

3. Pepsi One - I don't like Pepsi, but Pepsi One taste like everything I like about regular Coke. The closest to real cola of all the diet sodas I've tasted, this is good for regular soda drinkers switching to diet. Sweetened with Sucralose.

4. Diet Mountain Dew - Probably because it is so strongly flavored, it tastes pretty good in the more mild diet flavor. Sweetened with Aspartame.

5. Diet Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale - very tasty. Not too sweet or too strong, nice balance of fruit and ginger ale flavors. Sweetened with Aspartame and caffeine free.
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Yeah, but the new Diet Mountain Dew ("Tuned Up Tasted" is the new slogan) is sweetened with splenda and Ace-K in addition to aspartame. Now it has almost the same strong flavor is regular Dew, except off. Just wrong. Diet Dew was my fuel, and now I'm trying to get PepsiCo to give me back the old version (http://www.fightforflavor.com)!
I guess they haven't cycled on to shelves in this area.

Did you like diet MDX? I thought it was pretty good.