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Fitness Top Five

What motivates you?

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This community is dedicated to healthy achievement of all fitness goals. Posts should be made in the form of a top five list. The list can be any five things that contribute to your personal fitness goals.

Here are the Top Five Rules for this community:

1. No flaming. Duh.
2. Posts should always take the form of a Top Five list. If you cannot think of five things but want to share, solicit help from other members. You may post your goals or stats or anything else you would like in addition to your list, but you must post a list.
3. Respect the diversity of fitness goals. There are many specialized support communities on Livejournal that target special needs. This is not one of them. That being said…
4. Healthful ideas only. Please do not suggest/imply/support eating and exercise disordered behavior as these are serious medical conditions that require help from a real, live person. If you feel that a poster's goals or methods are unhealthy you may respectfully bring it to their attention or e-mail a moderator.
5. E-mail the moderator to resolve disputes. I am online every day and I will address your concerns. That being said, there really shouldn't be too much to fight over.

Additional guidelines are available here.

Feel free to lurk, but know that only members can post. Lurkers may comment at will.