M. C. Miller (mcmiller) wrote in ft5,
M. C. Miller

Top Five Tricks for Drinking Protein Shakes

I'm sharing these tips because adding a post-workout whey protein shake to my day has completely changed my recovery time, stamina and hunger levels. I've tried many times throughout the past 8 years to supplement with protein and failed due to the taste/texture.

1. Shaker cups are for experienced protein drinkers. Seriously, if you find it hard to stomach whey or soy protein, drinking it from a shaker cup will bring out the worst of everything. But if you are drinking your "shake" at the gym or at work, try the following: Get a hold of 3-4 ice cubes and the coldest water you can find and shake the h*** out of that thing. The ice cubes will help break up the chunks that can be so very ... yucky. That said, it's more effective than a spoon.

2. Use a straw. Drinking from a straw speeds things up and limits the shake-to-tongue contact.

3. Try different brands and types. Not all shakes are made the same. If you aren't allergic to Splenda, protein shakes sweetened with Splenda taste the best. Revival Soy makes a very high quality product, so does Optimum Nutrition.

4. Make an awesome smoothie out of it. Use dairy (milk or yogurt) or frozen fruit (or both if calories permit!) to make something rich, thick and creamy. Splash in cinnamon, ginger, vanilla extract... whatever calorie-free stuff you have on hand that you like the taste of. As you get used to the taste, you'll need fewer and fewer extras to enjoy your shake.

5. Drink shakes when you are really hungry. This may seem like a "duh" but timing your shake to hit during a blood sugar low really amps up the positive aspects of the taste.

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